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Hey, I'm Heiko Webers,

I create software, do security code audits for Rails applications, teach other people to develop more secure applications, and occasionally write about it. And I'm very interested in pretotyping (before a prototype) and designing web apps and bootstrapping companies.

Since 2007, I have been focused on Ruby on Rails security. I wrote the official Rails Security Guide and I conduct Security Code Audits. This means I provide another pair of eyes to check security for clients and then I suggest code changes. I've helped both big and small businesses to become more secure with telephony, fitness, internal, and business network applications, as well as project and document management, health applications and many other projects. Also, I have helped developers around the world write more secure code through my Ruby on Rails trainings and talks at many European Rails conferences.

Most recently, I wrote “The Complete Rails Guide to Developing a Security Strategy for Busy Lead Architects.”

In a previous life (or so it seems now) I wrote desktop software to browse and analyze eBay. That project was voted (one of) the best by several computer magazines. In 1997, I started planning my first desktop application, a text editor and image viewer. To my surprise, it sold well over the internet at that time.

bauland42 is a small company, run by me and a number of people who help me out. bauland42 is a bootstrapped company, with a short episode of external funding. I renamed the company in 2007, but I’ve been running it since about 1997. I like talking to other small businesses, so please drop me a line.

Feel free to also contact me with ideas, questions or just to say hello.





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